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Creating space through Urban design  planning and community development.

My journey to work with community/ plant medicine took a shape in 2009  through a 3  month  permaculture course I was a part of  in Miami. FL. I became inspired by Native traditions, teachings, ancient and  innovative  practices of soil and community building.  At the end of the course  I decided to move to New Mexico to study sustainability, community planning, art & Ecology, and  Native American Studies.
During my time there, I focused on community building through urban design (informed by the above mentioned disciplines) because I see it as a tool to reach a large amount  of  people and have noticeable impact in their life style. 

Successful community planning and is a multifaceted process where bottom-up and top-down ideas meet in the middle in a clear way. What I offer to this field is my cultural sensitivity, research skills, focus on true sustainability and effective communication through graphic representation. 

My philosophy is based on active-living, education and integration with the natural environment to establish body/mind healthy communities.  
I have had the fortune to work  from small-scale (community supported herbalism initiative, ABQ urban Indian center), to large-scale projects during my involvement with the GoogleMaps division for the N.E United States, developing maps and navigation for Google indoor maps as well as assisting with map alignments for Google Earth. Other large- scale projects include the City of Miami Beach bicycle-pedestrian master plan  and street design guide and the  ongoing  Hela Province post-disaster building in Papua New  Guinea.  

In addition to graphic communications for community development/ urban design , I am active in the food/medicine sovereignty academic world. Food sovereignty plays a crucial role in cultural survival and ethnic sustainability. I am currently a contributing writer to the Maroon Magazine for the tribe's annual conference where indigenous perspectives are shared  from indigenous  peoples across the world.

My main topic of research and presentation at the annual  Caribbean Studies Association Conference, has  focused on bridging indigenous knowledge and strategies for food sovereignty and self-determination with Caribbean communities drawing on the parallels of indigenous reservation constrains as  islands within land, and the islands in the  Caribbean sea.  For the past  two years I've been  involved with cultural preservation of Wixarika (Huichol) self-determination and Lakota native religious freedom and cultural survival through supporting efforts of peyote conservation projects in Mexico.

I am open to opportunities in the community development/ urban planning  field that align with the values of conservation a revival of traditional practices, food sovereignty, and true sustainable design.

Currently also available for freelance work directly or through Upwork. com


Om mani padme hung -for all my relations- por todas  mis relaciones  - Mitakuye Oyasin - OMETEOTL - gracias