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Dear friends, thank you for your interest in the Reiki Activation at Greynolds Park.

For this initial circle I envision a small group so that we can practice and weave visions for how to grow, together.
For this first gathering, I'd like to propose the theme of "Realigning Values" . As Reiki practitioners we have a responsibility to practice.  Our perceived conditioning from society and sometimes people closer to us, makes enough room in our mind to second guess ourselves when it comes to making our offerings available. 

The energetic theme is "Call to action towards our priorities". This circle comes out of the vision to support the practice and support our personal processes, so that we can step boldly into our truth every day. Creating and nurturing this activation feeds a collective energy field, so that we can take what we need from it in challenging times. 

Tentative Day : 
Sunday June 3rd,  1:00 pm
@ Greynolds Park in Aventura

I deleted my facebook so please send me a message with your phone number  through  the button below.

Please confirm that you can make it so we  know if we  have an even number of people to practice. 
time is restricted anywhere from 11- 3  pm since its the best  chance we have to not get  rained on. chill kids are  welcomed


pot luck

1  one dish / fruits/ drink  enough for aprox. 10 people to have a taste.

bring your own plate/bowl and cutlery

Anything else you want :)


items and offerings

Please bring 1  or more items from your altar to charge 

1 white candle or whatever color candle you feel called to work on according to  the chakras.

Bring 1 bottle of water to charge , preferably in glass

Om mani padme hung -for all my relations- por todas  mis relaciones  - Mitakuye Oyasin - OMETEOTL - gracias