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Tourist in my own town

I had  been in Miami for a  few weeks now. This time everything  had been different, beginning with the way I felt about being  at  home , staying in and  simply   being  content at all times.

pink cadillac, soBe.jpg

Miami up to now ,  always meant an endless  party for the  most part, and  although the opportunity was always there, this time I decided not to take it.  

I dedicated most of my time to view  my  immediate surroundings  with  eyes  of  absolute  wonder and  rediscover the every day things that I  tend to take for granted. 

It was a wonderful experience to feel like a tourist at  home.

This approach  aims  to  highlight  the  positive  attitude  and  overall  happy feeling one gets  from  being in a "new" place ....  even though it has been there all along. 

I feel  my  home  is  my escape and  I'm always at the center of it all. A wonderful feeling of  gratefulness and awe that  I hope sticks around for  long...

Om mani padme hung -for all my relations- por todas  mis relaciones  - Mitakuye Oyasin - OMETEOTL - gracias