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Save Greynolds Park

 Greynolds Park, North Miami Beach

Greynolds Park, North Miami Beach

I have  been admiring the absence of  light amidst an ocean of power lines, high-rises and antennae  almost every night for the past 10 years of my  life. This lack of  light for me represents the  purity and calmness of what my neighborhood must have been like before it was developed.  Greynolds park defines place as much as it  defines a genreation  of  people that  have  been shaped by the experiences lived there. During high school, my friends and I often sought refuge in this little patch of land, from the  surrounding mundane hang out spot: Aventura Mall. Later in life, the park became the place to run, tan, and embark on adventures through the mangrove swamps on our dinghy boats while sipping on a couple of beers, hoping for the old  snook to finally let himself be caught. Greynolds has lent itself to an wide  variety of events, from the weekly sunday blues festivals, the love-in, lumpy sue and my  favorite,  the  sunday Rastafarian church.  This place attracts the elite Aventura citizens as well as  people from the surrounding areas that , in my  opinion, otherwise wouldn't mix so evenly thanks to the  natural environenment.

In my years of exploring the park, I have  never  felt unsafe , except for one  alligator that came out of nowhere that one time , and during spider season, when spiders cover the sky. 

Now I feel  like all these memories and the  beauty of  the absence of light  might be  consumed by yet another foreign developer hoping to make some  cash. A 15 story tower  or so ,  its said  it  be  in the  plans for the east side of Greynolds park , where an old 3-4  story nursing home used to be. 

I cant imagine the impact that it will  have on the  wildlife way before it even starts affecting the neighbors and the solemn darkness of this little sanctuary.

As I think about what Greynolds means for me and what it  represents for my community, I can see  how I have  changed but my  feelings remain intact. I still feel  my  heart so close to the  memories that  are constantly created in this space but now  I have the knowledge to understand the  political forces that shape the very place I live in. I cant  imagine having the remote  understanding about zoning laws, that  might have allowed me to care about possibly  fighting this war , that  otherwise would not even  seem like a  war at  all.  Like  many  people  going about their  busy  lives, I would not know that my  voice counts, and that community activism shapes places and  our  relationship to them and  to one another.

Om mani padme hung -for all my relations- por todas  mis relaciones  - Mitakuye Oyasin - OMETEOTL - gracias