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I am that I am {Essence of my past, strength of my present}


“I am earth, solid in my body
I am water, fluid in my blood
I am wind, because without breath I cannot live
I am fire, the sacred spark.”


Who am I?  I said : “  I am a warrior of light,  I walk in balance, learning and teaching based on my own experiences, I am adventurous, I am re-remembering the ancestral knowledge that was forgotten, and looked down upon, I am that who wants to reach the roots of all that which was ripped from my ancestors in order to bring it back for me and those around me”

But that is not Who I am, I am not my feelings. Feelings project who we are or want to be outside. Feelings are labels. 

In order to see who I am, I must drop the labels and look at my naked body.  Who am I?

- “I am that I am, I am spirit , I am unique, I am simply this self”.

Things start from the beginning. And this beginning is my unique path, body, and perceived limitations that are always in fact blessings. Before the need to help, serve and share, there is ME.  Everything I do outside serves to physically manifest what I behold inside.

By healing myself, I am able to heal others. By loving and radically accepting myself, I move forward. By accepting my shadow, and acknowledging my shortcomings, my pains, I accept the divine duality: Ometeotl. 

Forgiving gives that unshakeable quality of mind, the diamond mind of Vajrayana;  the fearlessness and infinite trust in the source of unlimited abundance. Judgement or forgiveness hold the power to point , ultimately at ourselves, to either condemn or liberate us.

Looking inside, is a quiet journey.  Working towards the outside is full of noise. In my case,  how to bring the knowledge to the people,  how to make my experiences relate to the people in order to create a positive change. Working towards the outside is not an honest beginning. Instead it can deplete our passion if the self goes unchecked. to heal ourselves is to return to the source...

The self is divine essence, I am the elements , I am the sacred, I am that I am.



Om mani padme hung -for all my relations- por todas  mis relaciones  - Mitakuye Oyasin - OMETEOTL - gracias